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Sabrina sells photos, videos, tutorials, and more.
Kevin created a clothing line called AZA.
Amped Asia has an exclusive monthly VIP membership.

Easily sell digital products & courses

Use Hyax to sell courses, paid newsletters, memberships, merch, and other digital products. Handle subscriptions, gated content, and file delivery — all in one platform.

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Artist Jeff Chen is a concept artist who also makes art tutorials.

What can you sell?

anything you can imagine
Hyax gives you the power to sell almost anything you want. No need to Frankeinstein-patch together 5+ different apps. Take payments, deliver files, and even charge monthly subscriptions.

What can you sell?

digital downloads
Videos, pictures, music, podcasts, software. Hyax has built-in digital file delivery to make selling digital products a breeze.

What can you sell?

Chances are you have a skill to teach. With the digital course market booming, it's imperative that your website builder lets you create top-notch courses.

What can you sell?

Need to deliver value on a recurring basis and want to charge a subscription fee? Set-up a membership so you can keep your customers every month and build a relationship.

What can you sell?

physical products
Wanna sell merch like t-shirts? Or maybe you have a supplement you're developing. Hyax lets you sell both digital and physical products so your entire ecommerce store is on one platform.

Landing pages, funnels, upsells

Now any digital entrepreneur can make more money with sales & marketing funnels without knowing how to code OR design.

More about funnels

Create your digital storefront

Selling multiple products? Use Hyax to instantly create a fully customizable store with built-in upsells.

eCommerce features

Set-up your own membership site

Hyax comes with all the features you need to sell memberships.

More about memberships

Create beautiful courses

Design unique courses and sell them to your audience.

More about courses

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An all-in-one platform

Hyax includes all the tools you need to easily start selling digital products, courses, and memberships. No coding, no hassle.

Here's exactly what you get inside Hyax.

Landing pages & funnels

Need to create landing pages? Need to test full marketing funnels? We got you covered.

  •   Quick pages to start selling in 10 minutes or less
  •   Beautiful, modern designs
  •   Mobile-friendly
  •   Multi-step funnels OR single landing pages

Create your digital storefront

Have multiple products? In 10 minutes, you'll have a digital storefront ready to sell your products.

  •   Get higher average order value with offers / order bumps
  •   Seamless post-purchase upsells
  •   Use beautiful designs that are fully customizable
  •   Myriad of templates to start with

Make your own membership site

Hyax comes with all the features you need to sell memberships and deliver content on a recurring basis.

  •   Set-up member posts
  •   Create recurring plans
  •   Own your own members

Create beautiful courses

Design unique courses and sell them to your audience. Our course builder lets you make unique looking courses without needing a separate course builder app.

  •   Customizable course build
  •   Upload video lessons
  •   Interact with your students

Why is Hyax better? 🤭

After 10+ years selling online, our team grew tired of using 4-5 different apps to run our core business. It was challenging to control the customer experience, and furthermore many apps don't communicate well with each other. And if something breaks, you're reliant on some 3rd party plugin company for answers (pray they have good support! 😭)

With Hyax, we've shifted the paradigm so that your entire marketing stack, store, courses, membership sites, and landing pages are intertwined in one platform. This gives you the advanced ability to:
  •   Connect your store with a funnel for post-purchase upsells
  •   A/B test your product pages / upsells to generate more revenue
  •   Set-up offers like "Add $100 to cart to get 50% off" easily
  •   Upsell your other products inside a free course
  •   Allow your customers to access all digital products through one backend
  •   Handle recurring payments & product access
Hyax makes this and many more things seamless. It's the platform we wished we had while developing our own products.

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