July 12, 2019    KEVIN TANG

The Funnel Builder That Makes You More Money

Is every page builder built equally? Absolutely not my friend!

There are probably hundreds of different page builders out there. Some are good, some are bad, and some are in-between.

When I decided to build Hyax, I didn't set to build the most powerful landing page & funnel builder in the world.

But I did want to build the one that can make you the most money, while making your pages look good (which go hand in hand).  😎

When I started coding I knew I wanted a few things:

1) Simple UX

Power is great, but simplicity is even better. With a lot of page builders I noticed that there are TOO many options. Having options makes sense for certain power users, but for a majority of entrepreneurs, they just need something that works right out of the box. I created the first version of Hyax with that in mind. 

2) Speed

Conversion rates are HIGHLY correlated to speed. As in, your conversion rate drops a lot when your site is slow. Hyax prioritizes speed in several ways.

  1. By optimizing all your images. We apply 4 different speed optimizations right out of the box (webp conversion, auto-scaling, and global CDN).
  2. By smart caching of your page. Caching that just works. Not caching that requires you to empty out Wordpress's cache all the time. It works better because we're a closed system, meaning we don't have a bunch of plugins that are going to interfere or struggle to co-exist.
  3. De-bloating the page. I absolutely hate it when Wordpress randomly loads 10+ Javascripts on my page along with random CSS libraries. 
  4. Using a global enterprise CDN. We'll serve your pages with our global CDN, with security built-in. Currently powered by CloudFlare.

3) Funnels

When creating Hyax, I had to decide whether to allow our users to create "landing pages" (like Leadpages) or "funnels" (like ClickFunnels). We decided that funnels was a better implementation.

When you have landing pages, you have to figure out ways to piece pages together. Funnels work better because most marketers and entrepreneurs have to work within a funnel ecosystem anyways. Meaning, if I make a opt-in page, I'm going to have to create a thank you page.

Then when it comes to tying in payment processing, it's just easier to deal with when you have a funnel infrastructure.

The downside to funnels is that the word "funnel" can be confusing and is probably less relevant today than the word "landing page."

Not to mention, competition in the "funnels" space is a bit easier.

4) Beautiful design off the bat

One major gripe I have with a lot of funnel builders is that the templates are whack.

Like, what's up with all the early 2000s "spammy internet marketer" designs?

As a designer, I wanted to create funnels that looked good while also converting. 

Beautiful design just makes things convert better.

5) A simple eCommerce system with digital file delivery

Being able to create landing pages with checkouts with built-in digital delivery can be a huge pain. If you're on Wordpress, you must hack together a solution with 3-4 moving parts. We wanted to be able to simplify all of that into one tool.

6) Better looking checkout forms

No more janky checkout forms. We're optimizing and testing our forms to look amazing and to convert better. We'll reveal more about this in future blog posts.

7) SEO & Content Marketing Optimizations

Content marketing is a super important marketing channel -- no matter whether you're selling info products or physical products.

I noticed that almost no page builders focused on this and I think that's a mistake. Good SEO is usually never a bad thing, even if most of your traffic is coming from Facebook ads.

We also wanted to give you the option to add a simple blog if you need it. The Hyax blog you're reading is built with the Hyax blog (so meta!). 

Here's a sample of the features you're going to get with the Hyax blog.

  1. Optimized for mobile-first reading
  2. Images will be auto-tagged with SEO terms
  3. Set-up your own SEO meta tags
  4. Speed (see feature 2 above)
  5. Set-up table of contents in one-click

Yes, our Google Pagespeed Insights will be 90+ for most pages.

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