June 04, 2019    KEVIN TANG

A Brand New Journey

Why in the world did we decide to make another funnel builder when there seems to be so many out there?

After a whole month of trying to create a single blog post, my co-founder Jack and I finally decided that we had enough.

We were using one of the "highest recommended" page builders on the web, and man, was this thing bloated, slow, and just frightening to use.

Not to mention that when we tried to use the builder for our funnels, we faced bug after bug. 

Mobile looks weird. AMP is somehow slower than ever. Why is this plugin inserting all these random emojis??!?!

Now as a designer myself, I love UI and creating good looking pages. But since my job is to primarily write code, it's not productive if Jack (who handles marketing) can't create funnels, blog posts, and landing pages without my help.

Not to mention our pages were slow.

And I mean SLOW.

Since coming back from Microconf 2019, where nearly every other speaker spoke about the importance of SEO, we really wanted to dive in on making our SEO better. And we knew we needed the following things:

  1. Create landing pages, funnels, & blog posts that loaded fast. Every second wasted was potential conversions down the drain.
  2. Have amazing on-site SEO. Set it and forget it! We wanted to apply great SEO to the page right off the bat.
  3. Make it easy for anyone to have clean, modern design. UI & UX is super important to me, and we wanted to make it super easy for our users to create modern designs right out of the box.

    I wasn't happy, though, with the solutions out there.

    Wordpress is hard to configure, and even harder to configure right. There's tons of plugins and builders and you just have TOO MUCH CHOICE when it comes to plugins, themes, and other options. Not to mention, most theme builders focus completely on looks and pay almost no attention to speed, useability, and SEO.

    ClickFunnels was great for making funnels, but every page looked very... "Clickfunnelsy." Not to mention we still would have to use Wordpress for our blog. The other main problem was that the templates inside ClickFunnels screamed early 2000s Internet Marketer.

    Leadpages has pages, but no blogs. SEO was not a priority for their stuff.

    And on and on and on.

    So I decided to whip up something in a weekend.

    But as I started adding more and more features to a tool we were using internally, I realized, why not just put this out there for public consumption?

    "Hyax" was born.

    Stay tuned as we document the journey from start to finish.

    - Kevin

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